California Spring Water


$14 billion
 annually in
wholesale sales In the
Bottled Water Industry

 Buy a Gold Mine California Natural Water
 A flowing Business






Wildlife at your door steps!


Property can be subdivided

2 parcels


1)  Ap # 451-150-020  =
      36.76 Acres of land


2)  Ap # 451-150-021  =
       1.67 Acres of land


Street address-


1690 S. State st. Hemet CA,
 Riverside County


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Last surveyed 7-24-2008


  Perfect property for anyone who needs the benefits of California State prop 215.



O.W.C with substantial down asking price 3,500,000



Edward Rodriguez

P.O box 422

Fields Landing CA, 95537


 Call Ed    (707) 834-0523

Palm Tree marks the spring


A unique last of it's kind property with pure natural spring water.
 Collected and stored by gravity.
Fed by horizontal well heads (3 into the mountain) 70k gallons of on site storage.
1-5 gallons per minute collected all-year round.
 Never dries up!!




And can be subdivided  2 parcels


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Spectacular View from the property



Water used to be free.

In fact, it still is -- at least in nations blessed with plentiful clean tap water like the U.S. -- but that doesn't stop the world from spending over $100 billion on bottled water a year.

Over half of all Americans (54 percent) drink bottled water, and about 36 percent of us imbibe regularly (more than once a week). Sales have nearly tripled in the last decade, to about $4 billion in 1997, rising from 4.5 gallons per year for the average American in 1986 to 12.7 gallons per year per person in 1997. Americans consumed a total of 3.43 billion gallons of bottled water in 1997  Globally, the market was estimated in 1995 to be worth more than
$14 billion annually in
wholesale sales
 Buy a Gold Mine California Natural Water
 A flowing Business

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1 gallon [US, liquid] = 128 ounce

Bottle of water  20 ounces

= 6 bottles of water @ whole sale = $1.00 = $6.00 a gallan in your pocket  Gas is 3,49 a gallon

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These are Late Spring Photos


Now it's Manicured and Gorgeous